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Age. 35
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. malay
Location Alor Setar, Malaysia, Malaysia
School. Other
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November 2018

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Wednesday. 11.21.07 11:38 pm

Rintik hujan telah terhenti
pekat awam hitam berarak pergi
dan sapa mentari menyinari kembali
aku masih di sini
mencari arah yang pasti
sebelum mengorak langkah pergi
pada persimpangan yang kelam
dan kalut minda ku bertingkah,
mencari satu tanda nyata dan sah.
Aku berhenti melepas lelah
setelah jauh kaki melangkah
menempuh perjalanan panjang tanpa arah
pada gelap yang memekat
dan hambatan masa yang semakin singkat
mencari satu jawapan pasti
dengan berat timbangan hati
moga apa di hajati menjadi realiti.

Dingin subuh menjamah diri
dalam malap cahaya pagi
dan seisi alam bersedia menyambut hari
aku tersenyum sendiri
mengagahi diri
setelah sekian lama berhenti di sini
dengan teguh hati melangkah pergi
meneruskan perjalanan diri.
Pada perjalanan yang aku sendiri tak pasti
entah berapa jauh lagi
atau kemana destinasi yang menanti

Namun hari ini aku pergi
dengan ketetapan yang pasti…
perjalanan ini harus bermula kembali.
19november 2007

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out of nothing...
Wednesday. 11.21.07 11:36 pm
Have u ever stayed up one night, not doing anything, starring blanks at wall and taught small of yourself? How many nights were there, that you wrestle with your mind, the taught that you haven’t make much of an impact on the world before you go to bed? And how many mornings have gone that you woke up, feeling lost and numb, knowing that you don’t push your limits and yet can’t seem to start doing so?
If you too feel that way… than maybe there wasn’t much of different between you and me…
Sometimes we ponder ourselves, about who we could be? Who we should be? Have we failed those who believe in us? Have we failed our beloved ones, friends and families? And more so, have we failed ourselves? Expectation could be the biggest challenge for all to face… if you are student, you’ll scare yourself with all the exams, home works… if you are teenager, you’ll worry yourself about how much you gonna impress your friends, or either you look trendy enough or not… if you are a dreamer, you’ll fear that one day you woke up with nothing…
Even when things get better and few years zip past you, when you grow up older, expectation will always there to catch up with you… as long as you breath, we all will worry of something, we all will be scare that we not up to the score….

18 november 2007

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im still alive
Monday. 11.5.07 2:23 am

god!!! i miss here much......... alot things happen to me, n for a period, i forgot bout the existance of NuTang.....

but i back!! am still alive!! still hope get the support like all my previous entries too...

hope i can get back on my writings here....

really hope so....

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Saturday. 1.13.07 3:24 am
long awaited answers for brainteasers #5 n #6...
sorry guys, i haven't login for ages....
dunno if anybody still looking foward for this, but i kept my promise for the answers all the same....

brainteaser #5... yeah its the butler, coz its sunday, there is no mail on sunday...

brainteaser #6... the woman is a photographer... she shoot her husband's picture and then developed it :P

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Brainteaser again....
Monday. 10.9.06 8:23 pm
last round of brainteaser... thaitanic got it all right... :P

so lets go on with the next brainteasers:
brainteaser #5
A man was found murdered on Sunday morning. His wife immediately notified the police. The police questioned the wife and staff and compiled these alibis:
the Wife said she was sleeping
the Cook was cooking breakfast
the Maid was gathering vegetables
the Butler was getting the mail.
The police instantly arrested the murderer.
Who did it, and how did they know??

brainteaser #6
A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds hime under water for over five minutes. finally, she hangs him. But one hour later, they both go out for a dinner. How is this possible??

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wat was i thinking???
Wednesday. 9.27.06 11:41 am
Hello everybody... so i finally have some time to write sumthing proper ere...

nway as i said before i dissapeared for few weeks... hehe... i had a my convocation ceremony at my university... (finally) after been put on hold for a year... sigh... doing architecture sure is tough.. nway, the joyous moments arrive, tho wasn't much of a celebration theres too may ppl around, with families, friends etc.. hehe i swear i see some evern bring their entire family... (after all UiTM have thousands of graduating students each year)

Nway as i said before... i drove there few days earlier to pick up my convocation robe and attending rehearsal (which i don't go in the end, courtesy to my friends who manage to talk me out of it ) my parents come a day before the ceremony... but i only meet them on the day, since i'm staying at my old place, now rent out by my friends...

On 12th, i woke up early in morning altho the place i'm staying juz 15 minutes away top...trying to avoid traffic jam... to my suprise,i have to park my car somewhere else and take the inner campus bus to go to the hall... n when i finally arrived..most of other graduate already there, with their robe n mortar boards n all... n its still 7.30am n i haven't take my breakfast yet!!! I really wonder juz when these guys woke up that morning????
Nway... the ceremony goes smoothly... walking on the red carpets, with all the crowds, probably the best moment... truly one that i'll keep in mind for rest of my life... it juz make all the pain goin thru years of study vanish...
After the ceremony ended... i met my parents, took pics etc... but they have to go back shortly after that... matter of fact i dun even stick around with my friends after that... But one thing is certain... im over the moon that day...
its finally graduation!!!

I stayed at shah alam for few weeks... take my time to see few old friends... n more importantly to see who really a friend... i mean honestly it sort of a reality check... u may able to list down hundreds of friends, but juz how many really is your friend?? so wat did i do?? simple, i been there for few weeks... announce to all 'friends' that i'm currently in the area... see, those who really value u as friend, will try to meet up with u, setup date, meet up somewhere, have a chat over luch or dinner... doesn't matter... but u know, they making an effort... n u will, believe me, u will see another bunch of ur 'friends' who doesn't really gave a damn care either u around or not... n don't be suprise if those include 'frens' u tot ur real 'frens' or those who quite close... doesn't satisfy with the result?? attempt to meet them, but meet them halfway u know, n see if they really goin to make an effort... still not?? then relegate them to ur 'acquaintance' list...

Yes... u may find ur "friend" list have been considerably cut down in numbers... but i think its worth it... to know who really u can rely own.. n who juz there to look at u, appreaciate u, IF u can help them with something n then doesn't give damn bout u... coz there's alot of ppl like that around...

nway... i been partying with a whole bunch of real friends of mine for the whole time... watching movies, hanging out etc...i practically back at home after my mother constantly bug me to send her car back... (yeah i drove there with my mom's car) so now i'm back at home...

big chapter of my life have finally come to end with that big ceremony... n i have been lazying my ass around the house for few months now... oh well, i guess its time to go out start another chapter, working n all... still haven't made up my mind yet bout it, i mean, i love architecture n all but, the work amount is tedious... nearly drain me out of life the last time i'm working... i'm practically living n working at office... a fren of mine, stop renting his apartment n now moving in to the office... because even if he continue renting it, he never use it... crazy eh?? well... thats how its goin to be... so who ever out there happen to stumble into this blog of mine, n read this... if u been thinking bout joining architecture... plzzz reconsider... unless; u can stay awake for 2-3 days straight to finish the job, and u can take harsh critics with big smiles for that job u been doing...

WOW!! i never tot i'll write this long when i start typing what was i thinking?? oh well i guess i need to stop now... save something for another day... till then c ya

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